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Tyl Portal
Trading data and insights in the portal

Trading data and insights in the portal

Find out how to examine your sales patterns, customer spending habits and more via the Tyl portal, and build a detailed picture of how your business is performing.

Transactions and trading data

How to view past transactions and trading data

  • Log in to the Tyl portal
  • Navigate to the “Payments” tab
  • Select “Sales”
    Filter transactions as needed (See below), to find the transaction you’re looking for. Use the download button on the right-hand side to export the detail as a CSV or PDF file.

View transactions for a specific time period

  • Follow the instructions above to get to “Sales”
  • Use the “Day” field to adjust the time period to:
    • a specific day
    • a specific week (weeks run from Monday to Sunday)
    • a specific month
    • a custom period, by selecting dates from the calendar

View transactions by location or card machine

  • Follow the instructions above to get to “Sales”
  • Use the “Location” field to view transactions:
    • from your locations (all or selection)
    • from your card machines (all or selection)

Advanced filters

  • In “Sales” (outlined above), use the “Filter” field to narrow your search by:
    • transaction amount – use the sliding scale to look at transactions within a range or type a specific amount into the search bar
    • order ID – type the order number you’re looking for into the search bar
    • card number - type in the card number you’re looking for to the search bar
    • hours – use the sliding scale to look at transactions within a range
    • payment method – look at specific card schemes
    • payment status, such as “Declined”
    • transaction type, such as a purchase with a tip or refund
Simplify your business life. Automatically reconcile your sales, chargebacks, and fees by linking Tyl with your accounting software.

Business insights

How to view your business insights

  • Log in to the Tyl portal
  • Navigate to the “Payments” tab
  • Select “Sales”
    From “Sales”, you can gain the following insights…

Compare daily sales or turnover 

In “Sales” (outlined above), you can see:

  • total turnover – the total value of all your customer transactions, including cashback and tips. We've deducted any refunds and reversals.
  • total sales – the total number of customer sales transactions, excluding refunds and reversals.
  • underneath sales and turnover is a comparison based on the time period you’re viewing, such as compared with yesterday, last week, last month, etc. This is a quick and easy way to see how you’re performing against your targets.

Identify your busiest times

Spot when your ‘rush hours’ are happening, so you’ll know when you need more staff. Identify your quiet times, so you can run incentives or identify the ideal time for non-sales activity, such as training.

  • Navigate to “Sales”, as outlined above.
  • Using the main chart, you can see your busiest times by hour, day or week.

See your average customer spend

Take a look at the average purchase value, so you can spot when you’re selling more or less.

  • Navigate to “Sales”, as outlined above.
  • Below the chart, you’ll see “Average customer spend” metric. This metric is based on the selected transaction filters, such as day, week or month.
  • Compare spend to a previous day, week or month and see how your business is tracking at driving customer to increase their basket size.
  • Running offers and discounts – such as “3 for the price of 2” – are great tools to drive this figure upwards, and you can run them easily through Tyl Rewards.

Spot your returning customers

See what percentage of your customers are coming back to you time and time again (by card number). Build up a picture of spending habits, so you can develop strategies to maximise customer satisfaction and keep those return visits coming. Tyl Rewards and Tyl Giveback are great ways your business can keep customers smiling.

What else can you see in the Tyl portal?

You can also see your settlements in the Tyl portal. This is where the funds from Tyl card transactions with your customers are cleared and paid into your nominated bank account. Tyl prides itself on settling these transactions by the next business day.

What you won’t be able to see in the Tyl portal are payments accepted through your website using PayPal. These will show in your PayPal account.

It may seem obvious, but the Tyl portal also won’t display cash payments that your business may take. However, if you have a Clover Flex card machine, you can input cash transactions via Cash Log app – these will show up in your Clover Web Dashboard.

“Settlement” refers to the clearing of funds from authorised transactions into your bank account.

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