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Closing my Tyl account

Closing my Tyl account

If you're thinking of leaving us, it’s a good idea to chat to us first to see what we can do to solve any issues.

Having technical issues?

If you’re having technical issues with your current product, we’ll do our best to resolve them for you. However if this isn’t possible, we may be able to offer you a replacement.

Not sure you've got the right product for you?

If you’re not sure your product is the right fit for you and your business, and you’d rather try something new, we may be able to swap you onto something more suitable. Fees may apply for product swaps depending on your contract type, but we’ll discuss with you when you call. You can compare all our card machines here or take a look at taking payments with your smartphone via NatWest Tap to Pay. If you want to take payments beyond the face-to-face check out the remote payment options on our website.

Looking to reduce your costs?

We understand rising business costs means keeping your monthly fees low is a priority. If you’re worried about your monthly fees, there’s several ways we might be able to help.

Your Tyl transaction rates are based on the amount you take in card transactions, if there have been any significant changes in the amount your business takes by card you might be eligible for new transaction rates. You can request a price review by calling our support team who’ll be happy to help.

We also have a selection of low cost and pay-as-you-go products which could help you to reduce your monthly payments. For example:
• The PAX A50 is our low-cost card machine, available to rent monthly or purchase outright.
• For even lower monthly costs, NatWest Tap to Pay lets you take contactless payments with just your smartphone. No extra hardware to rent or buy, but the usual Tyl fees still apply.
To swap your existing product(s) simply get in touch. Fees may apply for product swaps depending on your contract type, but we’ll discuss with you when you call.

How do I cancel?

Give us a call on the number below and we'll be able to talk you through the process. To find out more about ending your Tyl contract, have a look at your terms and conditions, which you can find on the Portal.

Do I need to give any notice before if I want to leave Tyl?

To leave at the end of your contract, you’ll need to give us 30 days’ notice. Your account will still be active during this time and you’ll be able to continue using your Tyl facilities until the end of the 30 days. See below for details of leaving before your contract is up.

Is there a cancellation fee if I want to leave Tyl?

There may be a termination fee if you’re ending your Tyl contract early. We’ll discuss this with you when you contact us to close your account. You can find details about your minimum contract length in your terms and conditions, which you can find on the Tyl Portal.

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