Online payments

The whole world’s online now, so there’s never been a better time for your business to be, too. Take online payments securely from any device, or send a link and your customers can pay you from wherever they are.

Online payments

Accepting card payments online. Now easier than ever.

Secure payment pages

Our customisable payment pages blend right in. They’re optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile, and camouflage themselves into your brand’s look and feel.

Pay by link

Send a handy link to your customer, and you can take a secure online payment straight away - with 3D Secure backing you up.

Mail and phone orders

Take card payments over the phone from pretty much anywhere - as long as you're connected.

UK-based support

We're right here if you need us. Whatever it is, all you have to do is give us a quick call and we'll help you get it sorted (our number's 0345 901 0001).

What do I get with online payments?

£14.95+ VAT per month, rolling contract*

*This is for your online payment services, and other charges will apply too. We'll tell you about these as part of your quote.

Online payments

  • An online payment system that helps you accept payments online, seamlessly integrating with all the most popular shopping carts

  • Get real-time notifications and payment tracking, so you'll know straight away if an online card payment has been made

  • Automatically send your customers email receipts

Online payments

Phone Payments

  • Available online from any smartphone, laptop or tablet (as long as it's connected to the internet)

  • Capture the payment details you need quickly and securely - and keep track of your orders and customer details

  • Take card payments securely on the portal too

Pay by phone

Payment Links

  • Create a customisable page that blends right in with your website and online presence

  • Track your payments to see where they've got to, and update them after you've sent the link

Payment Links

FAQs about online payments

How do I take payments online?

You can take online payments with us in two easy ways: Pay by link

You can use our virtual terminal to create a link that you can email over to your customer (or you can text them, IM them, or send them a QR code, etc). When they click the link, it’ll take them to a secure payment page where they can enter their card details and pay you securely.

Pay by link is super helpful in scenarios where you’d usually get paid after you’d already delivered the goods or service, such as with an invoice (and nothing needs to be posted).

Hosted payment pages
We can also help you add hosted payment pages to your website, so you can accept payments online. We’ll take the customer’s card data and redirect the payment to their bank so they can authenticate it using 3D secure. Also, as hosted payment pages technically belong to us, you won’t need to worry as much about complying with the Data Security Standard of the Payment Card Industry (PCI DSS).

Are online payments safe?

With Tyl, you can take payments securely online whether you’re using hosted payments pages or our virtual terminal. Taking payments in these ways helps keep your cardholder data safe and minimises your PCI exposure.

When you take payments on our hosted pages or using pay by link, you also get the added benefit of 3D Secure authentication, which helps reduce fraud and reduce your liability for chargebacks.

What are the advantages of online payments?

There are loads of benefits of online payments:

  • They're easy to set up - you can integrate them into your website quickly and easily, and they're compatible with the most popular shopping carts.
  • Our online payment pages blend right in, and their responsive design is optimised for desktop, mobile and tablet
  • You can accept payments from all major debit and credit cards, including American Express, Visa and MasterCard
  • They give your customers a fast, secure way to pay
  • All you need is an internet connection and a computer, smartphone or tablet to load up your virtual terminal
  • You can reach even more customers than you did before, and take orders and payments outside of your normal working hours
  • Taking payments is smoother, which means you'll free up more time to work on other areas of your business
  • Your employees can use your virtual terminal from wherever they are
  • You can use our fraud protection and security checks to make sure everything’s secure

How do I access my e-commerce portal?

You’ll need to log in using the store ID and password, which will be different for each environment. Here are the links to both:



It’s a good idea to make sure the live payment data is only processed via the production account. The authorisation results in the test account are simulated, so the money won’t be sent to you.

What can I do in the e-commerce portal?

With the e-commerce portal, you can:

  • Use the virtual terminal to take payments over the phone or to generate payment links
  • See all your sales data and reports
  • Use our anti-fraud tools
  • Accept or decline if you’re using pre-authorisation
  • Process refunds (full or partial)
  • Create and manage users
  • Customise the look and feel of your hosted payment pages

How to get started

  1. Get a personalised quote

    We'll give you an ultra simple quote based on what your business needs - with no hidden fees and a 12 month contract.

  2. Start taking payments

    Once you're approved, you can start taking payments online or over the phone within 48 hours.

  3. Get Paid

    And you'll get cash hitting your account the next business day - no more waiting ages for your money to clear.

  4. Watch your trading data come to life

    See all your sales and settlements up close and personal, and watch your data come to life on the Tyl Portal (which you get to use at no extra cost).

Sound good?

More ways to take payments

Card machines

You can also take card payments with our card machines: the Clover Flex, the Ingenico Move 3500 and the Ingenico Desk 3500.

Loads of ways to take payments

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