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Card machines and more

We've got lots of ways for your business to take payments in person, whether you're out making deliveries or working in store. Plus, we want to welcome new customers by waiving card machine hire fees for the first 3 months* (and NatWest Tap to Pay doesn’t have hire fees as you use your own eligible device).

*New Tyl by NatWest customers only. Minimum 12-month contract. After 3 months standard hire fees per device will apply. Additional fees may apply for data usage or app downloads. Early cancellation fees may apply, eligibility criteria and fees apply.

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Compare our card machines and more

Which payment solution suits your business? We’ve got a range of options for you to compare - whether you’re out making deliveries or taking payments from behind the counter.

All-in-one POS

£16.99+VAT per month*

Clover Flex all-in-one POS card machine

The all-in-one POS system that helps you run your business on the move

Learn more about All-in-one POS


£9.99+VAT per month*


The go-anywhere, pocket-friendly payment device

Learn more about Pocket

Tap to Pay

£0.00Transaction fees only

Tap to Pay

Take contactless payments with your iPhone or Android phone^

Learn more about Tap to Pay


£13.99+VAT per month*

Ingenico Desk countertop card machine

The countertop card machine that plugs in and stays put

Learn more about Countertop


Wi-Fi£19.99+VAT per month*

Ingenico Move portable card machine

The portable card machine that lets you take payments on the move

Learn more about Portable

Take a closer look

Compare features below and find your perfect match.

General InformationAll-in-one POSPocketTap to PayCountertopPortable
Price (card machine hire fee only)

*Read more about other fees we apply in our handy Tyl pricing guide. Additional 3rd party app download fees apply for Clover Flex.

£16.99+VAT per month*

£9.99+VAT per month*

£0.00Transaction fees only

£13.99+VAT per month*

Wi-Fi£19.99+VAT per month*

Device Name Clover Flex PAX A50 Tap to Pay Ingenico Desk 3500 Ingenico Move 3500
Overview The all-in-one POS system that helps you run your business on the go. The go-anywhere, pocket-friendly payment device. Take contactless payments with your eligible iPhone or Android phone^. The countertop card machine that plugs in and stays put. The portable card machine that lets you take payments on the move.

For 3G (GPRS)* terminals, check general network coverage with a free online signal checker. *Additional fees apply for Clover Flex.

4G + Wi-Fi Wi-Fi + 4G + Bluetooth Wi-Fi + 4G + Bluetooth + NFC Ethernet Wi-Fi

Place a temporary hold for a specific amount on a payment card. Let us know up front if you require this service.

Phone payments

Take payments over the phone using your card terminal. Let us know up front if you require this service.

Contactless - up to £100

Tap to Pay acceptance of American Express is expected in winter 2024.

Settled next business day

You should get your daily settlement by the end of the business day, the day after the transactions took place. Occasionally there may be delays, for example if a customer's raised a dispute or asked for a refund.

Gratuity (tips) YesNoYesYesYes
Cashback YesNoNoYesYes
ReceiptsAll-in-one POSPocketTap to PayCountertopPortable
End of day reporting

Manually print end-of-day reconciliation reports or use the Reporting app on the Clover Flex to print detailed transaction reports at any time.

On machine & Tyl portal On Tyl portal only On Tyl portal only On machine & Tyl portal On machine & Tyl portal
Customer receipt print

Tap to Pay on Android has print receipt capability, supporting Bluetooth enabled printers. N.B. Receipts cannot be physically printed from the phone.

Email receipts YesYesYesNoNo
Text receipts YesNoYesNoNo
Add business logo YesNoNoNoNo
SpecificationsAll-in-one POSPocketTap to PayCountertopPortable
Dimensions (mm) 186.5 x 82 x 54 138 x 69.5 x 14 Your iPhone or Android phone^ 187 x 82 x 68 169 x 78 x 57
Weight (g) 550 161 Your iPhone or Android phone 340 320
Colour White White Your iPhone or Android phone Black Black
Business ToolsAll-in-one POSPocketTap to PayCountertopPortable
Sync to Tyl Portal YesYesYesYesYes
Employee management

Create user profiles and set access and permission levels for your staff using the Employees app on the Clover Flex.

Inventory management

Add categories and items and take payments for items using the Clover Flex Inventory & Register apps.

Create an order/tab

Open a tab using the Orders app on the Clover Flex. View or re-open orders, add additional items or split the bill before settling up.

Print a bill/order

Print and split a bill before settling up or print an order for your employees to fulfil from the Orders app on the Clover Flex.

Clover App Marketplace

Browse and download additional business apps and tools with access to the Clover App Marketplace on the Clover Flex. *Fees apply.


^No monthly hire or PCI fees for Tap to Pay. Transaction fees and limits apply. Some contactless cards not accepted. Users may be charged for data usage by their network operator. Available on iPhone XS or later with iOS 16.4 or later and Android OS 10 or later (base OS 8.1+) with Google Services and NFC. Subject to Tyl eligibility criteria and terms and conditions.

Tap to Pay on iPhone lilac_540x250

Tap to Pay on iPhone

Accept contactless payments, no extra hardware needed.

Tap to pay on Android Lilac_540×250

Tap to Pay on Android

Take card payments with just your phone

What's a card machine, and what's a card reader?

Card machines vs card readers

To be honest, card machines and card readers do pretty much the same thing - but we've explained the differences below.

Card machines: These are the typical chip & pin style machines you’d see if you went into any shop on the high street, with a screen and a PIN pad. When you need to pay, you can swipe your card or tap it on the machine.

Card readers: These tend to be much smaller and portable, with a very small screen and PIN pad that has a slot where your customer would put their card in. They’re great if you’ve got a relatively low turnover or if you need to take card payments temporarily.

Card machine or reader?

How to get started

  1. Get a personalised quote

    We'll give you an ultra simple quote based on what your business needs - with no hidden fees and a 12 month contract.

  2. Get your card machine

    Once you've been approved, your card machine will be winging its way to you asap. We'll aim to have it with you in 48 hours.

  3. Start taking payments

    And you'll get cash hitting your account the next business day - no more waiting ages for your money to clear.

  4. Watch your trading data come to life

    See all your sales and settlements up close and personal, and watch your data come to life on the Tyl Portal (which you get to use at no extra cost).

Sound good?

FAQs about card machines

How much is a card machine?

Each of our card payment machines are different, so it makes sense that they're different prices, too. If you're curious about costs, have a look at our comparison table. At the moment, we’re waiving all card machine hire fees for new customers for the first 3 months of their contract.

Why should I get a card machine?

In previous years, people were way more likely to use cash rather than a newfangled PDQ machine (better known as a card machine these days). But recently people have started to use cash less and less, making debit and credit cards the most popular way to pay - even for really small purchases. And once contactless hit the scene in 2007, the use of cash declined even more. These days, with more customers than ever wanting to pay with a card, it's really important that you've got a card payment machine and you're able to take debit and credit card payments. Plus, you can use your card machine to take payments over the phone and accept online payments, too.

Do card machines need Wi-Fi?

That really depends on which card machine you go for and how you’d like to connect to the internet. You can use the Clover Flex with 3G or 4G and/or Wi-Fi, whereas with the Ingenico Move, it’s either 3G/GPRS or Wi-Fi – you’ll need to pick one. The Ingenico Desk is a countertop card machine, so it connects up with an Ethernet cable.

What types of payments can my card machine take?

Your card machine can accept loads of different payment types - including credit card payments and debit card payments from Visa, Mastercard, Discover® Global Network and American Express, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Contactless.

Doing business at a distance?

Online payments

Need to start doing business online? Take card payments on your website, or send a link to your customers so they can pay you through a secure webpage.

Phone payments

You can take card payments securely on the portal, too. As long as you've got a phone and internet connection, you're ready to go.

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Help and support

Our FAQs provide some useful tips and how-to videos to help you with your account and card machines.

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