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Hi, we’re Tyl

Digital payments have fully taken off. We're here to make sure your business is set up to keep up.

Hi, we’re Tyl

Hi, nice to meet you

We know the world is constantly changing. And when you’re running a business, going it alone can be really daunting. Lucky for you, we’ve got your back.

With us, you’ll get next business day settlement, and fair and simple pricing (with no nasty extras). We’ll tell it to you straight, so you always know where your money goes. And we’ll even give you the tools you need to get ahead in the crazy, hectic world of a business owner.

Here we are on film, talking about what we love about Tyl.

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Mark Clayton - Head of Field Sales: “Tyl is NatWest’s card acquisition. I think the bank’s made a decision to look at customer needs and give them what they deserve really.”

Lisa Coulson - Head of Marketing, Digital & Innovation: “The whole ethos behind Tyl is looking at customer pain points and actually trying to solve those.

Mike Elliff – CEO, Tyl by NatWest: “It’s designed to bring a completely new experience to merchants. A combination of easy, fast payments but also loads of value added products and services and data insights to help them run their business."

Dan Salanson – CCO, Tyl by Natwest: “Our mantra is onboarded in an hour, terminals the next day and transacting the next day, funds the following.”

Mark Clayton: “The feedback from existing customers that we’ve taken on with Tyl is fantastic. They love the fact that it’s simple, they love the fact that it’s fair, and they love the fact that it’s easy to understand.”

Mike Elliff: “Tyl has been a fantastic endeavour. We’ve pulled together payments specialists, tech specialists, and bank specialists into one superb team. And we’re all focussed on delivering a fantastic proposition for customers.”

More about Tyl

Take the way we shop as an example. These days, we’re all moving more towards contactless payments to minimise physical contact - and it doesn’t sound like that’s going away any time soon. As businesses, we all need to shift to meet this new normal.

Today, it's really important that you can take payments digitally and give your customers the convenience, service, speed and security they expect from a modern-day shopping experience.

Customers make up their mind about your brand quicker than ever, because they experience it across more touchpoints than they ever have before.

That’s what makes your payment journey so important – and that’s exactly what we’re here for.

We’re backed by NatWest, so we know what we’re talking about. We have loads of tips to share and we’re looking forward to getting to know you soon.

Tyl: We’re more than just a payment provider. We’re your payment partner.

  • Next day settlement. We'll put cash in your account the next business day, keeping that cashflow moving.

  • Speedy setup. Get your quote and payment option and get trading. You should be up and running in 48 hours, once you've been approved.

  • Fair and simple pricing. We'll give it to you straight. 12 month contracts and no hidden fees - so you'll always know exactly what you're paying for.

  • Backed by NatWest. With bank-grade security, you know you're in good hands.

  • In good hands. And if you ever need help, our UK-based support team are always here for a chat.

We give back

Just by doing what they do best, Tyl businesses are making a difference up and down the country through the Tyl Giveback Community Fund. We regularly donate a proportion of our revenue to our Giveback Community Fund. The fund makes grants to charities that support and deliver services to local communities across the UK. Since the very first day, we’ve been adding to this fund and granted a whopping £70,000 and counting to a number of incredible charities through our partner ‘Pennies’.

We give back

Doing good with Tyl Giveback

As your business grows and as more companies join the Tyl family, the Giveback Fund will get bigger and better. The good that you do, just by doing business through Tyl, will go from strength to strength.

Tyl Giveback is proud to have supported the following charities through the Community Fund to date:

Doing good with Tyl Giveback

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