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Hi, we’re Tyl, your payment partner

At Tyl, we’re determined to give you the easiest, simplest way to take card payments, but as a ‘partner’ we’re much more than that.

We want to give you the tools to help manage your business, we want to help you grow by attracting and keeping more customers, and we want you to be at the heart of your community’s success and well-being.

Helping businesses and communities thrive

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This is why we’re here. It’s the foundation of everything we do at Tyl. We want to help your business do amazing things, because your success is our success. But we also want your community to thrive, because when the people and organisations that surround you do well, everyone benefits.

Take it easy with Tyl

At our heart, Tyl is about enabling card payments with minimum of fuss for you, and the maximum ease for your customers. Tyl is quick and easy to set up, and once you’re up and running you can look forward to next business day settlement and peace of mind. Whether you’re taking card payments face to face, online or over the phone, we’ve got a solution to blow your socks off.

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Growing alongside you

At Tyl we’re a team - a team that includes you. When we began, back in 2018, there were 10 staff at Tyl – some good with tech, some good with money and some good with business. Now, there are nearly 200 of us at NatWest dedicated to Tyl, dedicated to making your customers happy and dedicated to making your business a success.

We give back

Just by doing what they do best, Tyl businesses are making a difference up and down the country through the Tyl Giveback Community Fund. We regularly donate a proportion of our revenue to our Giveback Community Fund. The fund makes grants to charities that support and deliver services to local communities across the UK. Since the very first day, we’ve been adding to this fund and granted a whopping £150,000 and counting to a number of incredible charities through our partner 'Pennies'.

Giveback pennies

The Tyl journey

We’ve come a long way in a short time and we can’t wait to see what’s around the corner.


The idea is born

First discussions take place for a new card payment product for NatWest. The green light is given to start sketching out a solution.


Test pilot flies

After nearly two years of research and testing, the Tyl pilot is launched with our first customers.


'Go' for launch

Tyl goes ‘public’ as we launch across England and Wales.


1k Day

In just 6 months, Tyl reaches the milestone of 1,000 merchants onboard.


Doing what we can under COVID

The coronavirus pandemic hits, and to help out, Tyl waives card fees and lays on extra support for customers who are struggling.


Breaking down borders

Tyl launches in Scotland and Northern Ireland, completing our UK rollout.


Rewarding our customers’ customers

Tyl Rewards launches, giving merchants an instant loyalty programme to keep their customers coming back for more.


Yay! First prize

Tyl wins ‘Best Payments Industry Newcomer’ at the Card Payments Awards 2021.

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If you fancy getting a bit more bang for your buck, get a no-obligation quote from us and see if you could save on your current rates.

Help and support

Need some help with your Tyl device? Visit our FAQs, where we’ve put together loads of helpful info and how-to videos to help you get set up, manage your account, and sort basic issues with your mobile card machine. Piece of cake!

Call us

Ready to get started with Tyl? Fab, we’re here for you. Our UK-based team is on:

0330 162 8383

To contact us using Text Relay, add 18001 before any of our phone numbers.

We're open Monday to Saturday 8am - midnight (except bank holidays) and 9am - 5pm on Sundays

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