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Take card payments with just your phone

Say hello to the latest innovation in card payments with Tap to Pay on Android. Accept all types of in-person, contactless payments on your smartphone — from physical debit and credit cards to digital wallets such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

No card machines or extra hardware needed. It’s easy, secure and private.

Additional fees may apply for data usage or app downloads. Tyl eligibility criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply.

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Get started with Tap to Pay on Android

New to Tyl by NatWest?

To use Tap to Pay on Android, you’ll need to join Tyl by NatWest. If you haven’t already chatted to our team about joining, simply give us a call on 0345 901 0001 and we’ll handle the rest.

Once your Tyl account is approved, we’ll send you your NatWest Tap to Pay login details and a link to download the app. Easy.

Already a Tyl customer?

Add NatWest Tap to Pay alongside your existing card machine(s). Simply give us a call on 0345 901 0001 and have your Merchant ID number to hand.

Once we apply these changes to your account, we'll send you your NatWest Tap to Pay login details and a link to download the app. Easy.

Contactless payments on tap

Taking care of your worries

  • All you need is your smartphone
    No extra hardware needed to accept contactless transactions such as debit and credit cards, and digital wallets including Google Wallet and Apple Pay. Sign up to Tyl by NatWest, and if your device is running Android OS 10 or above (base OS 8.1+), Google Services and NFC (Near Field Connectivity) enabled, you’re good to go.

  • Take payments in more places
    All the tech you need could already be in the pockets of you and your staff. Your capacity to take payments is no longer limited by the number of card machines you rent or own – just use your existing devices (OS 10 or higher (base 8.1+)).

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No card machine to rent or buy

  • No gadgets to send – no carbon to spend
    As you’re using your existing mobile phone, there’s no card reader to manufacture, no packaging to print and no delivery van to drive. And that’s got to be good for us all.

  • Safe as houses
    NatWest Tap to Pay boasts all the mobile security you’d expect from your Android device, with all the banking trust and experience you’d expect from NatWest. All payment transactions are encrypted and payment data is not stored locally on your phone.

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NatWest Tap to Pay in four easy steps

  1. Phone

    Get on board

    Call us on 0345 901 0001 and request NatWest Tap to Pay.

  2. Document download

    Download the app

    Once you’re all signed up, you’ll get a link to the NatWest Tap to Pay app.

  3. Card

    Start taking payments

    To make a sale, open the NatWest Tap to Pay app and enter the amount or item.

  4. Paying out

    Tap to get paid

    Customer taps their card to the on screen symbol and voila! All done.

With Tyl, taking payments is just the start

  • Tyl by NatWest can already boast saving money for 8 out of 10 businesses that could switch to us*. But with our fair pricing, simple bills, next business day settlement, and Tap to Pay on your own device, we could save you time and money.
  • Stay in control of your cashflow, with your hard-earned cash in your account the next business day.
  • Track your success, thanks to our clever sales trend dashboard right there in your Tap to Pay app or see your transactions on the Tyl Portal
  • Dedicated and experienced UK service team ready to help you every step of the way.
  • Every tap is more than a transaction, with a portion of our revenue donated to charities and the communities which you serve via Tyl Giveback.

*Savings based on customers looking to switch from various providers to Tyl between Jan and March 2023. Your existing provider may charge an exit fee. Average savings not inclusive of introductory offers or any exit fees you may have been charged. Additional fees may apply for data usage or app downloads. Tyl eligibility criteria, terms, conditions and fees apply.

Tap to Pay on Android FAQs

What is NatWest Tap to Pay on Android?

NatWest Tap to Pay on Android allows merchants to accept card payments directly on your NFC enabled phone or devices without the need for any additional software, it uses a revolutionary contactless technology.

Find out all you need to know about NatWest Tap to Pay in our handy user guide.

What are the requirements for merchants to use Tap to Pay on Android?

You can use any Android phone or tablet running operating system (OS) 10 or higher, with a base OS of at least 8.1 (released 2017/18). You’ll also need NFC (Near Field Connectivity) capability. Details of OS and NFC can be found in your device’s settings.

What types of contactless payment methods can a merchant accept with Tap to Pay on Android?

Merchants can accept contactless debit and credit cards including Visa, Mastercard as well as Apple Pay, Google Wallet and other digital wallets.

Is there a fee for using Tap to Pay on Android?

The NatWest Tap to Pay app is currently free to download and use (standard Tyl fees, including transaction fees, apply).

Is Tap to Pay safe?

Yes. Security is very important at Tyl. Here are some ways we protect you and your business:

Every time a Tap to Pay payment is made, the encryption changes, making it extremely difficult for a hacker to take advantage. Even if they manage to decipher a code, it’ll be too late as it’s only valid for one transaction.

When a contactless payment is made, an algorithm generates a unique random value, which replaces your customer’s primary account number. The value, also called a token, passes safely through the internet, without exposing the customer’s credit card details.

Two-factor authentication
Apple Pay and many other mobile payment methods ask you to set up two-factor authentication to verify each transaction with a Face ID, PIN, or fingerprint. So, even if your phone is lost or stolen, there’s no way someone else can use it for payment.

What if the Tap to Pay payment requests a PIN number?

The need to enter a PIN code can be triggered if:

  • the payment exceeds the contactless limit (currently £100 in the UK)
  • the card issuer (such as their bank) requires additional security from the cardholder

NatWest Tap to Pay and Tyl support PIN entry in several ways:

  • If your customer pays with a card that supports online PIN, a PIN entry screen will appear on your phone, where the customer can enter their code.
  • If your customer is paying with a card thatmust be inserted into a reader, ask your customer if they have another card or a mobile wallet (Apple Pay, Google Wallet or Samsung Pay) to make the payment.
  • If you have another Tyl card reader, you can use this to complete the payment instead.

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