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Billing and Settlement
Understanding your Tyl invoice

Understanding your Tyl invoice

You’ll get your Tyl invoice at the start of every month and it’ll be paid a couple of weeks later, but what do all the sections mean and how are the figures calculated?

How to view your Tyl invoice

Invoices are uploaded to your Tyl portal on the 3rd of each month. To view your latest invoices, you can log on to the portal here.

Find out more about getting started on the Tyl portal.

How to understand your invoice

Headline figures

  • Total invoice amount
    This is the total of all charges owed to Tyl (including VAT) for the invoice period.
  • Already paid as part of daily settlement
    If you chose to be “net settled” when you applied with Tyl, you’ll have already paid back merchant services charges as part of your daily settlement. The figure on your invoice shows the total you’ve already paid Tyl as a result of being net settled.
  • To be paid
    This is the outstanding total charges owed to Tyl for the invoice period. These charges will be collected by direct debit around the 14th of every month. If you chose to be “gross settled” when you applied with Tyl, you will not have paid any merchant service charges as part of daily settlement. The amount to be debited will be equal to the total invoice amount for the period.

The three sections of your invoice

1. Charges and fees (which covers transaction fees)

  • Merchant service charges
    Your transactions fees are charged as a percentage of the value of each card payment transaction you take and send to us for processing. If you chose to be “net settled” when you applied with Tyl, you’ll have already paid back merchant services charges as part of your daily settlement.
  • Authorisation charges
    Authorisation fees are charged at a flat fee for every card payment transaction authorisation request received from you. Authorisation fees will be collected as part of your monthly direct debit and will cover any authorisations processed in the invoice period. We do not charge fees for processing refunds.
  • Chargebacks
    If you’re unsuccessful in a chargeback claim, the value of the chargeback against you will be taken from (netted off) your daily settlement. If the chargeback value is more than your settlement for that day, the remaining chargeback amount will be taken by a separate direct debit around 10 working days later. The chargeback amount will not show on your invoice, but your invoice may show an additional fee under ‘charges and fees’ from Tyl for handling the chargeback.

2. Monthly charges (including card machine hire and PCI)

  • Card machine and accessory hire
    This covers the monthly cost of any terminals and accessories you hire from Tyl.
  • Online payments
    Online payments covers the monthly charges associated with your payment gateway facility, if you have one.
  • SafePay
    The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is the global standard for handling card data. All businesses accepting card payments are required to follow these standards to become compliant. SafePay fees relate to your PCI DSS compliance attestation and represent the cost for us to manage our PCI compliance programme, that helps protect your business and customers.
  • Monthly charges are billed in advance
    Your invoice will cover any fees owed for the next month. For example, if you’ve received your June invoice, this will cover July’s card machine and accessory hire, online payments and SafePay fees. If you joined Tyl part way through the month, any monthly charges you pay will cover this month and next month. For example, if you joined Tyl on 22 January, you’d see monthly charges for 9 days in January, in addition to the full month of February on your January invoice.

3. One-off charges

  • One-off charges
    One-off charges reflect any manual adjustments Tyl has made to your account. These can include referral bonuses and goodwill gestures which show as a credit to your account. There may also be occasions where we need to debit additional one-off charges from your account, such as early termination fees, fees for lost or damaged terminals and corrections to your bill. In most cases, you will be notified separately to your invoice for any additional one-off charges you may incur.

When will your Direct Debit be taken?

Your Direct Debit will leave your bank account around the 14th of every month. This date is fixed, and we are unable to change it for you.

We'll email you at least 10 days before to let you know how much we'll be debiting. You’ll also be able to see all your invoices (past and present) in the Tyl portal.

If for any reason, we claim a direct debit outside of your normal billing cycling, e.g. insufficient settlement funds to net off a chargeback or refund, this won't appear in your invoice and instead can be found under ‘settlements’ in your Tyl Portal.

If you change banks or change the account you use for Tyl payments, please let us know so we can be sure to get your settlements to you on time. You can read more about this here.

Did you know? Invoices can be viewed on the Tyl portal.

Additional charges

If you have a clover device there may be additional charges not included on your Tyl invoice, such as charges for 3G sim usage or app downloads. You can learn more about these potential charges below.

  • Clover SIM
  • App downloads

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