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Taking a payment

Taking a payment

On your Clover card machine you can take chip and pin, and contactless card payments, as well as cash payments.

Taking card payments on Clover

  1. To take payments quickly, use the Sale app.
  2. Simply enter an amount, and you’ll be able to take payments in cash, contactless and chip and pin.
  3. Select the payment method
    This will be 'Charge' for card payments, and simply present the customers card at the top of the device for a contactless payment, or insert the card at the bottom of the device for chip and pin.
  4. Issue a customer receipt
    1. Once the payments complete, there are three different ways you can give your customer a receipt if they want one. Your can print it, email it or text it.
    2. If you choose text, make sure you use the plus sign and international country code (+44 for the UK).

Taking card payments direct from your inventory

With the Clover Flex you can add items to your inventory and take payments for these items through the Register app.

This way you’ll see how much of each item you’re selling, and the item will be visible on your customers receipt or bill before they pay.

To start taking payments for your inventory items, start managing your inventory with Clover.

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