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Viewing transactions and reporting on Clover

Viewing transactions and reporting on Clover

With the Transactions app and Reporting app you can search and view past payments from customers, and view a full summary of your sales activity over a range of time periods. If you have more than one card machine, you will also be able to see the collective summary report of all your Clover devices.

Viewing past transactions

1. View a past transaction

Within the Transactions app, you can view, search, re-print and refund transactions. Click the magnifying glass icon to search for a transaction, then click on a specific transaction to view it.

2. Reprinting a receipt

To re-print the receipt, when viewing the transaction, click ‘Receipts’ then ‘Print’ then ‘Done’.

3. Refunding a transaction

To refund the transaction, select ‘Refund’ when viewing the transaction. Learn more about refunds with Clover.

View a cash transaction

1. Logging a cash transaction

If a customer pays in cash, you can record the transaction in the Cash Log app. If you have a cash register connected to your Clover device, you can also see when the cash drawer was opened and how much money was added or removed.

2. Viewing your cash report

To view the cash report, open the Cash Log app. If you take a look at the Cash report, then you’ll see the following details:

  • Event: Whether there was a cash transaction, or an adjustment.
  • Amount: What was the cash value of the transaction.
  • Reason: What was the reason for opening the cash drawer or adjusting the amount.
  • Employee: Which of your employees handled the cash.

The Cash Log app only records cash transactions that occur after the app is installed.

Reconciling your transactions

There are three ways you can reconcile your card machine sales. You can use the Tyl Portal, the Reporting app on your card machine, or the Clover web dashboard.

1. On the Tyl portal

  • Log in to your Tyl portal where you can find your past transactions, updated every hour.
  • You can learn more about the data and business insight available to you in the Tyl portal here.

2.On your Clover card machine

  • Open the Reporting app
    You’ll need to use the Reporting app to find your past transactions.
  • Tap Payments
    The system generates a report for this business day (the default reporting period), or for the reporting period you have set. The summary will include payments in gross and net format, refunds and cash payments.
  • Select the desired time period
    You can change your reporting settings in the Setup app on the Clover web dashboard. For example, if you are a pub/ a restaurant/ a bar you can set up your end of day to be 1 am rather than 12 am.

    You can also view an ad-hoc report for a custom reporting period. At the top right, tap the Calendar icon, Tap one of the date range options or choose a custom date range by tapping Custom
  • Select the devices you wish to view
    If you have more than one Clover card machine, this report will collect information for payments made on all of your machines. If you want to see only payments made on this card machine, click All Devices in the top right corner and select This Device.
  • Print a copy (if you need one)
    You can also print this report: in the top right, tap the Print icon. Unlike other payment devices, it is not necessary to print this report at the end of each day (but you can if you want to).

3. On the Clover web dashboard

  • Access the dashboard via the Tyl Portal
    Log into the Tyl portal using your usual login details. Navigate to the ‘Business’ dropdown menu on the Tyl portal homepage and select ‘Locations’. Under the locations section you’ll see your Clover devices listed, click the link labelled ‘Visit the Clover portal’.
  • Go to ‘Transactions’
    The transactions tab can be found in the left hand menu on the Clover web dashboard. Click ‘Payments’ to see all of the payments you have taken that day.

    Like in the Reporting app, you can change your reporting settings and view custom reports here.

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