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Clover SIM

Clover SIM

Got questions about the Clover Flex on 3G/4G mobile and your SIM card? Let us give you the answers…

Does my Clover Flex device have a SIM card?

If you have a Clover Flex that is enabled for both Wi-Fi and 3G/4G, your device will have a SIM card pre-installed in order to access a 3G network. You would have selected the “Wi-Fi and 3G/4G” or “Wi-Fi- only” option when you first joined Tyl.

Does the SIM card work automatically?

There is a daily fee to use 3G or 4G connectivity, so to avoid you being charged before you need it, you’ll need to activate your SIM in order to operate over 3G (this doesn’t affect the Wi-Fi connection). See “How do I activate or de-activate the SIM/3G/4G?” below.

Which mobile provider does the 3G or 4G connection use?

Unlike a mobile phone, the Clover SIM is not attached to any one network and it will connect to the strongest 3G or 4G connection available. You can use an online signal checker to make sure that where you intend to take payments has a strong signal.

How much does it cost to use 3G or 4G on Clover Flex?

You'll be charged for using the 3G/4G SIM at a rate of up to £9.99 + VAT a month. The exact charge will depend on how many days your SIM card is active so if you’re not using it, it’s a good idea to deactivate it. See “How do I activate or de-activate the SIM/3G/4G?” below.

You are billed for 3G/4G month in advance (the maximum £9.99 + VAT fee), and you’ll be refunded for the days where the SIM card has been deactivated (if appropriate) the following month. So if you de-activated the SIM card part way through June, you’d be refunded for the days your SIM was deactivated in July. The daily cost is pro-rata, so for example if there are 30 days in a month then this equates to around 33p + VAT per day (£9.99 ÷ 30 = £0.33).

Who bills me for the SIM/3G/4G use?

Your 3G/4G use is billed separately from your Tyl invoice and is billed by Clover. This should appear on your bank statement as MMSL or Merchant Marketplace Solutions Limited.

Where can I find my Clover invoices?

You can view your Clover invoice in your Tyl portal. From the home screen, select “Business” > “Locations” and “View your Clover portal” to access the Clover Web Dashboard. Next select “More Tools”, then “Billing”. Your Clover invoices are here.

How do I activate or deactivate the SIM/3G/4G?

Your 3G/4G SIM use is charged at a daily rate up to a maximum of £10 per month, so you can save money by switching off 3G/4G when you’re not using it (you can still use Wi-Fi). You’ll need to deactivate your SIM in the Wireless Manager app on your Clover device or Clover Web Dashboard. Here’s how:

Deactivating your SIM on Clover Dashboard

  • From your Dashboard home screen, head to the “Wireless Manager” app.
  • In Wireless Manager, find your SIM card entry. If you have more than one 3G/4G Clover device, you have multiple SIMs listed. To find the serial number (S/N) of a SIM in a particular device, carefully open the back of your Clover device and find the SIM card. The serial number will be printed on the SIM.
  • In Wireless Manager, select “Deactivate” on the SIMs you wish to disconnect from 3G/4G. You will no longer be billed for 3G/4G usage on the deactivated SIMs for each full day (midnight—23:59) the SIM remains deactivated.
  • To reactivate, simply follow the steps above, and select “Activate” for your chosen SIMs.

Deactivating your SIM on your Clover Flex device

  • On the Clover Flex’s app screen, open the “Wireless Manager” app.
  • Under “3G/4G/GPRS SIM Cards”, you'll see “Active – Disable” or “Inactive – Enable” – the first word is the current state (active or inactive), and the second is what will happen if you tap it.
  • To deactivate the 3G/4G connectivity on your Clover Flex, tap the option until it reads “Inactive – Enable”. You will no longer be billed for 3G/4G usage for that device/SIM for each full day (midnight—23:59) the SIM remains deactivated.
  • To reactivate, simply follow the steps above, and tap the option until it reads “Active – Disable”.

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