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Clover App Market

Clover App Market

The Clover App Market is where you can expand the capabilities of your Clover Flex device to power your business. Find out how it works.

What is the Clover App Market?

Turn your Clover Flex into a multi-tasking business management toolbox with programs from the Clover App Market. Created with the SME business in mind, the App Market boasts over 150 apps, and echoes the app stores you’ll be familiar with on your smartphone or tablet. You’ll find apps to suit all kinds of business needs including money management, customer trends and appointment scheduling.

How do I download Clover apps?

  • On your Clover device, select the “More Tools" app
    Alternatively, log into the Tyl portal, and navigate to your Clover Web Dashboard under ‘Business’ > ‘Locations’ and ‘View your Clover portal’.
  • Search for the app you need or just browse
    Filter apps by category, search for a specific app/function, or just browse the marketplace.
  • Apps can be free, paid or have a trial period
    There’s a huge array of Clover apps from developers including Clover themselves. Some of the best apps are free, but some are paid-for with a wide spread of fees. Many paid-for apps include a free-trail period. Be sure to read the description and cost before downloading.
  • Download the ones that fit your needs

    Once you find an app that’s right for your business, hit “Connect” then ‘Download’ to install the app on all your Clover devices.

Which Clover apps are included as part of my Tyl package?

If you have a Clover Flex device as part of your Tyl package, you will automatically be part of Clover’s “Register Lite” plan.

Apps in the Register Lite plan streamline the counter experience with a single, integrated cloud-based POS and payment solution. Register Lite helps you and your business:

  • Manage employees
    Add, edit and delete profiles for each employee in your business and manage permissions, all from your card machine. Decide what your staff can see and do, such as restricting whether an employee is able to refund payments or not.
  • Manage inventory
    Add items to your inventory, grouping by category. Select the items your customer wants, directly from your inventory and take payments for them.
  • Manage customer orders
    If you’re the type of business that wants to allow customers to set up a tab – adding to an order, but only paying at the end – then the Orders app is for you. Re-open orders, print a bill and take payment, splitting the bill, if needed.
  • Reporting on the go
    Search, view and re-print receipts for past payments or view a full summary of your sales activity over a range of time periods, all from your card machine.

How do I pay for apps?

If you download a paid-for app (or the free trial period expires), you’ll be billed for it monthly by Marketplace Merchant Solutions Limited (on behalf of Clover). This is separate to your Tyl invoice.

Your first bill will include both your first month (this will be backdated) and then the next month, in advance. For example, if you downloaded an app on the 12 July, you’ll receive your first bill in August. That bill would cover the time in between the 12 July and 1 August (this is the backdated bit) and then you’d be billed for the month of August in advance as well.

After that, you’ll be billed in advance each month until you decide to uninstall the app. It’s important to remember that your monthly subscriptions are non-refundable, so if you do want to uninstall an app, it’s a good idea to do it before the start of the next month, so you don’t get charged for the month ahead.

Your first bill will include both your first month (this will be backdated) and then the next month, in advance.

For paid-for apps, do I need to purchase it for each Clover Flex device I have?

No. When you download a paid-for app, it'll be installed across all your Clover Flex devices, including any new ones you receive later on.

Do I need a privacy notice when using Clover apps?

Some apps on your Clover Flex allow you to store and use your customers’ data, which means that you’re processing customer data as a data controller under data protection law.

As a data controller, you’re responsible for the ways in which your customers’ data is collected and used. You’re also responsible for making sure that any data processed complies with data protection law and that you're transparent about that processing.

As data controller, and under your Clover terms of service, you’re responsible for making sure your business complies with privacy law. If you don’t comply, you could be penalised or fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

It’s up to you if and how you provide a privacy notice to your customers and what you say in it. This is your responsibility under privacy law, and we can’t advise you on it. You should use your own content, edit the sample we’ve provided, or satisfy yourself that the sample notice meets your needs.

If you’re going to use data taken from email e-receipts, you'll need to be clear in your privacy notice why you're using that data.

Setting up a Privacy Notice on Clover Flex

You can set up a privacy notice on your Clover Flex device by following these steps:

  1. Log into your Tyl portal.
  2. Under “Services”, launch the “Clover – Advanced Settings” for your location(s).
  3. Under “Setup” > “Business Information”, scroll down to the “Privacy” section.
  4. Enter the URL for your privacy notice in the ‘Privacy Policy URL’ field or, if you don’t have a privacy notice URL, you can use our generic privacy notice – if you’re happy that it covers how you use your customers’ information. Just copy and paste the URL below into the “Privacy Policy URL” field.

You must let your customers know the following:

  • Who’s collecting the data?
  • What data's being collected?
  • What’s the legal basis for processing the data?
  • Will the data be shared with any third parties?
  • How will the information be used?
  • How long will the data be stored for?
  • What rights does the data subject have?
  • How can the data subject raise a complaint?

You can share this information with your customers using a privacy notice.

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