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Managing employees

Managing employees

Adding and managing employees is as easy as 1-2-3. Create user profiles and set access and permission levels for your staff.

Watch our handy video to see the Employees app in action:

Create Clover user profiles

Using the Employees app on your Clover card machine you can create individual profiles for each of your employees.

  1. Open the Employees app
    Open the Employees app and select '+' to add a new employee
  2. Assign a role level
    When setting up the user profile you’ll be able to assign the user one of three permission levels: Admin, Manager, Employee.
  3. Create a unique passcode
    You’ll also need to create a 6 digit passcode for the employee (they’ll need this to access the device).

Set role permission levels

From the Employees app you can also set the functions you want your users to be able to perform on your card machine e.g. permission to process refunds. Follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Employees app
    Open the employees app and select the three lines menu button.
  2. Select the app you want to change
    You’ll see all the apps you have downloaded on your card machine, click on the app you want to change and you’ll see the different actions you can set access levels for.

    E.g. on the refunds app you can select access levels for performing refunds and voiding refunds.
  3. Choose the role level
    Select which of the three permission levels (Admin, Manager, Employee) you want to be able to perform this action.

    E.g. only Managers should be able to perform refunds

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