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Managing inventory

Managing inventory

Add categories and items and take payments for items using the Clover Flex Inventory & Register apps.

We'll show you how to set up and take payments straight from your inventory. Just watch our how-to video or follow the steps below.

To add to or update your inventory

1. Open the Inventory app

To add to or update your inventory you’ll need to use the Inventory app.

2. Select ‘add item’

To add additional items to your inventory, select ‘add item’. Enter the item details, including its name and its price.

3. Add to an item category

You can also add your items to an item category, this will help you find items quicker when adding them to an order in the Register app.

To add new categories and manage your existing ones, click the ‘Categories’ tab in the Inventory app.

To take payments direct from your inventory

1. Open the Register app

Open the Register app and select the category to locate the item(s) you want to add to an order.

2. Select ‘Pay’

Select pay when you’re ready to take payment for the order or if you don’t want to take payment right now you can ‘Save’ the order and take payment later (you’ll find open orders in the Orders app).

Tracking how much you’ve sold

If you’ve added items to your inventory you’ll also be able to see a report of what you’ve sold across different time periods in the Reporting app.

Click the ‘Items' tab in the Reporting app and you’ll see total items sold, refunded and total revenue per inventory item and across categories.

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