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How do I personalise my receipts?

If you have a Clover card machine, you can add information and links to your receipts. To do this, head to Clover web dashboard (click on the ‘Services’ tab within the Tyl portal and then click the arrow).

  1. Click Setup.
  2. Click Payment Receipts.
  3. From here you can do things like:

    Add custom header and footer text
    Text can include advertising specials, sharing your store’s Wi-Fi password, or even a customer feedback survey URL.

    Add a logo or custom image

    Add order notes
    If you’ve taken an order using the Register app and have added notes to the order, you can display these on receipts.

    Add cashier name
    This information can be helpful if customers have questions about a transaction and you need to know which cashier helped them.

    Show item breakdown
    Select this option to print the specific items purchased on the receipt, rather than just the total order amount. In order for this to work, you’ll have to have your inventory set up and use the Register app to take payments.

    Add a link to your website
    Links will be click-able on emailed receipts, and printed on paper ones. Note, your URL needs to have http:// or https:// in it.

    Add a barcode
    When scanned by your card machine, these bar codes will display information about that order.

    Customer information
    Select this option to print customer information such as name and address on payment receipts. In order to do this you’ll have to create a profile for your customer in the Customers app.

  4. Tap Save

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