How do I do my end of day reconciliation?

There are three ways you can reconcile your card machine sales. You can use the Tyl Portal, the Reporting app on your card machine, or the Clover web dashboard.

On the Tyl Portal

Log in to your Tyl Portal where you can find your past transactions.

On your Clover card machine

You’ll need to use the Reporting app to find your past transactions. We have a handy video that shows you how to use this app (after the Transactions app section). Here’s a step-by-step guide to end of day reconciliation:

Open the Reporting app.

Tap Payments. The system generates a report for this business day (the default reporting period), or for the reporting period you have set.

You can change your reporting settings in the Setup app on the Clover web dashboard. For example, if you are a pub/ a restaurant/ a bar you can set up your end of day to be 1 am rather than 12 am.

You can also view an ad-hoc report for a custom reporting period:

- At the top right, tap the Calendar icon
- Tap one of the date range options or choose a custom date range by tapping Custom

If you have more than one Clover card machine, this report will collect information for payments made on all of your machines. If you want to see only payments made on this card machine, click All Devices in the top right corner and select This Device.

You can also print this report: in the top right, tap the Print icon.

On the Clover web dashboard

This can be accessed by heading to Clover web dashboard (click on the ‘Services’ tab within the Tyl portal and then click the arrow). Go to Transactions which can be found in the left hand menu, and then click Payments to see all of the payments you have taken that day.

Like in the Reporting app, you can change your reporting settings and view custom reports here.

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