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FreeAgent Payment Link Integration

FreeAgent Payment Link Integration

Simplify your business life by linking Tyl with FreeAgent.

Connecting Tyl to FreeAgent

How do I link my Tyl account to FreeAgent?

When you are invited to link Tyl accounts with FreeAgent, select the “Tyl by NatWest” option from the Connections page in FreeAgent and choose “Connect to Tyl”. Once your account has been verified, you’ll be able to connect Tyl to FreeAgent and start creating invoices with payment links for your customers.

How do I disconnect my Tyl Account from FreeAgent?

To disconnect your Tyl account, select the existing Tyl connection from the Connections page within FreeAgent. Then select the “Disconnect Tyl by NatWest” option to unlink your accounts.

How do I resolve an “Invalid email” error during account verification?

You need to provide the principal email address associated with your Tyl account for the verification process. Using a different email addresses could cause an error and stop you linking your accounts.

I have disconnected my Tyl account from FreeAgent. Will I be able to reconnect in the future?

Yes. You can link up again by going through the connection options within FreeAgent and proceed with “Connect to Tyl”.

I am not a Tyl customer. How can I start using Tyl payments for my FreeAgent invoices?

If you are invited to use a Tyl account for invoice payments within FreeAgent, you can choose the “Connect to Tyl” option. On the Tyl account verification page, select “Get started with Tyl” to apply to join Tyl. You’ll hear from our lovely onboarding team who will find out more about your business and walk you through the rest of the process.

Transactions and invoices

How can I resolve reconciliation issues due to duplicate transaction entries?

To avoid duplicating transaction entries that may cause reconciliation issues, simply turn off any sales transaction subscriptions from the Tyl Portal. Payment link transactions are reconciled automatically within FreeAgent. Selecting Sales transaction feed could cause duplicating the transaction entries for the transactions involving payment links.

Why am I seeing duplicate transaction entries in my FreeAgent account for Tyl payments?

If you already have an existing integration with Tyl by NatWest to transfer your sales data to your FreeAgent account this will cause duplicate transaction entries in your FreeAgent account when add Tyl as a payment option to your FreeAgent invoices. Simply turn off any existing sales data feeds through your Tyl portal before you connect Tyl to your FreeAgent invoices. All Payment link transactions are reconciled automatically within FreeAgent.

Which currencies are currently supported for invoice payments?

British Pounds Sterling (GBP) is the only currency currently supported for making invoice payments using Tyl.

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