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Accountancy Integrations

Accountancy Integrations

Simplify your business life by linking Tyl with your accounting software. We’ll crunch your numbers every day, giving you more time to get on with being brilliant.

Compatible accounting integrations

FreeAgent, Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage Business Cloud are ready to connect to Tyl today. You can only connect your Tyl account to one organisation within one accounting software package.

Tyl accounting integrations

The Tyl Accounting Integration allows you to automatically post your sales, chargebacks and fees data to your chosen accounting software package. It aims to remove some of the manual data entry and can help with matching your payment transactions to your bank account. We only utilise the data that is required to support our product - nothing more, nothing less.

How often is data posted to my accounting software?

Once you've set up your Tyl Accounting Integration and mapped your data to your accounting software package, the data will be automatically posted to the mapped accounts every day at midnight.

What data is posted from Tyl?

Data is posted to your accounting software daily and monthly.

The daily posted data includes:

  • Sales and refunds (if selected) -When you choose to map your sales data, your daily sales and refunds are aggregated. You can choose not to post sales data as an option if you already post those yourself separately.
  • Chargebacks and chargeback reversals - Any data for chargebacks or chargeback reversals will be aggregated daily and posted to your accounting software package, and the account you choose to map to. You can create a chargebacks account during the integration set up, if you don't have one set up already in your accounting software package.
  • Fees: Merchant Service Charges (MSC)

The monthly posted data includes:

  • Authorisations
  • Card machine and accessory hire
  • Online payments (for merchants who subscribed to the service)
  • SafePay (for merchants who subscribed to the service)
  • One-off charges

Connecting my accounting package

To connect your Tyl account to your accounting software package, follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into your Tyl Merchant Portal.
  2. Click “Business” on the navigation menu, then click ‘Integrations’.
  3. On the new page click 'Connect' under the logo of the software package you have your account with. A window will open to agree to our Terms and Conditions. This will be followed by a second window requesting your accounting software package login details. This is requesting permission for your accounting software package to connect with your Tyl Portal.
  4. Once the connection is established, you'll be taken through some further short steps to set up where your data should be mapped to.

What does account mapping mean?

Account mapping is when you match your Tyl data with where you want it to go to in your accounting software package.

For most businesses, it makes sense to create a separate account for each set of data. However, you can choose to map Tyl data to existing accounts you may already have set up in your accounting software package. You can do this either during the initial integration setup or later from the “Manage configuration” page.

How do sales, chargebacks and fees data appear in my accounting package?

For sales and refunds, each day a single sales invoice is created (or a bill if the refund is higher than sales) in your accounting software package. The invoice will contain one-line item, with the VAT rate you have configured, and will have Tyl as a customer. The invoice will be marked as paid against the Tyl clearing account. If there haven't been any sales or refunds, nothing will be posted to your accounting software package that day. For chargebacks, each day a single bill is created and marked as paid against the clearing account. This is the same for the Merchant Service Charges fees. For other fees, a monthly bill is created and closed automatically against the clearing account.

What’s a clearing account?

The clearing account helps you track the money you’re owed by Tyl from Sales and provides visibility of your chargebacks and different fees.

Every day, we automatically close sales invoices, chargebacks and fees bills against the Tyl clearing account. In the chart of accounts page, you can see the clearing account being credited and debited. As you do bank reconciliation, the account should gradually net to zero.

Managing my integration

Can I change my data mapping after I've set up my integration?

You can edit any of your data mapping details through the 'Manage Configuration' section from the Integrations dashboard in your Merchant Portal. Each level of data mapping has an 'Edit' button and you can simply update the data and save your changes.

Can I stop posting sales?

If you currently use an accounting software package, you may already be posting sales data there and therefore may want to continue to do that in the same way. If you do decide to post sales, chargebacks and fees, make sure that you don’t double count your sales data, by posting sales somewhere else too.

If you've selected the option to “post sales, chargebacks and fees” but want to stop posting your sales data:

  1. Select 'Manage Configuration' from the Integrations dashboard in your Merchant Portal.
  2. Click on the 'Edit' button for the Sales data level
  3. Choose the option for 'Chargebacks and fees only' and save your changes. We'll stop posting your sales data to your accounting software package.

Deactivating a Tyl accounting integration

You can disconnect the integration at any time through your Merchant Portal Integrations dashboard.

  1. Log into the Merchant Portal and select 'Integrations' from the drop down menu, under your business name.
  2. The main box that displays your active integration has 3 small dots in the top right corner. Click this and you have the option to disconnect.
  3. You'll then be asked to confirm the disconnection. We'll then stop posting to your accounting software package, but you can re-connect it at any time.

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