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Viewing transactions and reporting

Viewing transactions and reporting

Observing your Tyl transactions and creating reports is super-easy with the Tyl portal and your Ingenico device.

Tyl portal: Viewing transactions, settlements and more

Log into your Tyl portal to access the following:

  • Look up specific transactions
  • Do daily reconciliation (calculate how much you’ve taken that day (or any other day))
  • Discover more about your business, such as when your peak times are or who are you best customers

Find out more about the Tyl portal..

Ingenico: End-of-day reporting

On your Ingenico Move or Ingenico Desk device you can run your end-of-day (EOD) reports. This is a printed receipt, totalling your transaction totals taken on the device since you last ran an end-of-day report.

Running the report will reset the transaction total on the device, so we recommend you run these reports at the same time every working day to keep on top of your paperwork and avoid a data build up slowing down your device. The report is usually run just after close-of-business, or just before you open. The end-of-day receipt will only show transactions taken with that particular device, so you’ll need to repeat the process for each of your Ingenico card machines.

Your settlement (when the card transaction payments land in your bank account) won’t be affected by your EOD report. Whether you run a report or not, you’ll get your settlement for the day (12am—23.59) the very next business day.

Make sure you keep your end-of-day receipts for your records, which can be reconciled (double checked) alongside your Tyl Portal. We recommend you do all of your reconciliation via the Tyl portal.

What is on an end-of-day report?

  • The end-of-day printout your device will produce includes:
  • Grand total: total transactions (net) taken in the period (sales minus refunds)
  • Transaction type totals: the total processed for different types of transactions, such as “Declined transactions”
  • Card type totals: transactions processed for each card brand
  • Service totals: totals for different services offered including gratuity, cashback, mail order and telephone order

How to run an end-of-day report with Ingenico

To print an end-of-day receipt with Ingenico Move or Ingenico Desk, follows these simple steps:

  1. Go to “End of Day” on your Ingenico device.
    You’ll find this on the device’s main menu/home screen.
  2. Enter your supervisor admin passcode.
    This was sent to you via email from Tyl when you first joined us. The subject line will read “Here is your Ingenico Activation Code”. If you can’t find it, don’t worry, just give us a call on the number below (Mon—Fri, 9—5pm) and we’ll re-issue it over the phone.
  3. “Perform end of day”?
    The above question will appear on screen. Press the green “Enter” to run the report, or press the red button to cancel.
  4. The end-of-day receipt will print
    The card machine will ask if the report printed correctly. If so, confirm on screen and your totals will reset ready for the next day. If the report didn’t print correctly (such as when you run out of paper during printing), respond accordingly on screen (your totals won’t reset) and print the report again when you’re ready.

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