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Taking phone payments

Taking phone payments

First, make sure your Tyl account has been set up to take phone payments. If not and you’d like to get phone payments added to your account, just give us a call on the usual number, and we’ll do the rest.

Taking a payment over the phone

Go to “TO payment” on your Ingenico device

Main menu > services > payment > TO payment (“Telephone Order payment”)

Enter the transaction amount

Enter the Primary Account Number (PAN)

This is the long card number, usually on the front of the card, containing 16 digits.

Enter expiry date on customer’s card (MM/YY)

Have the customer read out the expiry date on their card. This must be entered as MM/YY – for example, November 2022 would be entered as “11/22”.

Enter security code (CVD) on customer’s card

Have the customer read out the security code on their card. This is the last 3 digits of the number on the back of the card, usually on the signature strip.

Enter customer’s address

Have the customer tell you their address (the one registered to the card). For the Address Verification Service (AVS) check, you will need at least the first line of the address (e.g., “29 Acacia Road”) and their postcode.

The card machine will ask “address provided?”, press the green button on the keypad for “yes”, or red for “no”. If available, you can fill out the optional fields of “Town Name” and “Country” otherwise press enter to skip.

[Important “box-out” content:]

AVS checks the address information and indicates whether the address given by the cardholder matches the address on file with the card issuer (bank or building society).

Check the AVS result

The device will contact the bank to simultaneously authorise the transaction and complete the AVS check. On screen, you’ll get the result of the authorisation request – authorised/not authorised, as well as result from the AVS check.

  • DATA MATCHED – This means both the CSC (3-digit security code on the back of the card) and AVS data (address details provided) match what’s on file with the card issuer.
  • AVS MATCH ONLY- This means only the AVS data matches, the wrong 3 digital security code (CSC) has been provided by the customer.
  • CSC MATCH ONLY- This means only the CSC data matches, the address details provided do not match what’s listed with the card issuer.
  • DATA NON MATCH - Neither the CSC nor AVS data matches.
  • NOT CHECKED - The data was not checked.

Proceed with or cancel the transaction

If the transaction is not authorised, this is usually due to lack of funds/available credit at the cardholder’s bank. You’ll need to ask the customer to try again or try a new payment method.

If the transaction is authorised, you’ll then have to decide whether to continue with the transaction based on result of AVS check.

If the address does not match, we recommend you cancel the order (press the red button). If you receive a partial match, you can contact the cardholder to confirm their address before you cancel or continue with the order. If you continue with the order, you are liable for any chargeback disputes.

Your Ingenico terminal will then print the receipt(s).

The optional customer copy will be printed first. If your customer doesn’t not want a receipt or your do not require one to attach to the order/sale documents, follow the on screen prompts if your customer does not wish to have a paper receipt.

The merchant copy will then be printed automatically, this is not optional, and should be kept for your records.

And that’s it, you’re done. You can view details regarding your completed transaction by logging into the Tyl portal, updated every hour.

Top tips for taking phone payments

Save time with a “Phone Sale” shortcut

If your business takes phone payments regularly, you can save time by adding a telephone order payment (“TO payment”) shortcut to your Ingenico home screen. Simply head to the administration menu on your card machine.

Keeping safe from fraud

It’s important to remember that when you take phone payments, you hold the liability in the case a chargeback is raised against the transaction. This means if the payment turns out to be fraudulent, you have to carry the cost. It is therefore advised that phone payments are reserved for trusted customers.

You can learn more about protecting your business when taking phone payments here.

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