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Taking a payment

Taking a payment

Whether you are using the stay-put Ingenico Desk, wandering the floors with the Ingenico Move or mixing it up with both devices at your premises, taking a payment couldn't be easier.

It’s just a handful of simple steps to make a sale with Ingenico.

  1. On the Ingenico’s home screen, select the “Payment” option.
  2. Key in the transaction amount, and press “Enter” on the keypad.
  3. Follow the prompts to “Insert”, “Swipe” or “Present” the customer’s card.
    Please note, you will only be given the option to “Present” the customer’s card if the transaction value is below the maximum contactless payment limit.
  4. If requested on screen, the customer should enter their PIN code on the Ingenico’s keypad.
    Never ask a customer to tell you (or someone else) their PIN.
  5. The Ingenico will then contact the cardholder’s bank to process the transaction
    1. If the transaction is authorised, an ”Auth Code” will be displayed and printed on the receipt.
    2. If the transaction is not authorised, this is usually due to lack of funds or available credit at the cardholder’s bank; ask the customer to try again or try a new payment method.
    3. You’ll get a merchant and customer receipt for the declined transaction for your records.
  6. Your Ingenico terminal will then print two receipts.
    1. The customer copy will be printed first. This is optional, follow the on screen prompts if your customer does not wish to have a paper receipt.
    2. The merchant copy will then be printed automatically, this is not optional, and should be kept for your records.
  7. And that’s it, you’re done. You can view details regarding your completed transaction by logging into the Tyl portal, updated every hour.
You’ll need receipt paper in the device for a transaction to go through.

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