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Online Payments
Taking payments through your website

Taking payments through your website

Customers are increasingly using digital wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. Here’s how to accept those payments on your website.

Once you’ve successfully integrated your website with one of our hosted payments pages or shopping carts, you’ll be able to accept card payments direct from your website.

Customers simply need to visit your website and start the payment journey. This journey will vary depending on whether you have integrated a shopping cart or the hosted payment pages from Tyl.

Taking payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay

The great news here is that you don’t have to do anything as a business to accept Apple Pay or Google Pay as a method of payment on your website. It’s already in place.

When a customer makes an online purchase on their mobile phone or tablet, Apple Pay and Google Pay are displayed as payment options. The customer simply selects the one they want to use, and a fingerprint validation is usually required to confirm.

When online shopping using Apple/Google Pay via a desktop or laptop computer, the experience is slightly different. Google Pay transactions can be processed through Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge web browsers, while Apple Pay transactions can only be processed through Safari. Either way, two factor authentication is used and a one-time passcode is sent to the customer who enters it online to complete the purchase.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are automatically enabled for website payments with Tyl

How to enable PayPal on your website

To enable PayPal as a payment option for your customers when they’re paying online, follow the steps below.

First, make sure you have a PayPal business account.

If you don’t have one, you can setup a PayPal business account here – the team at PayPal can help you with this. As part of the setup process, you'll need to accept PayPal's terms and conditions.

Log in to your Tyl Virtual Terminal.

The Virtual Terminal is a secure online portal where you can take payments for orders you've taken over the phone or send a request to your customer to pay securely online (pay by link). It’s separate from your Tyl portal.

Once logged in, go to “Customisation”, and select “PayPal setup”.

Enter your PayPal details.

On the PayPal setup page you’ll be asked to fill in some details. Click the “Edit” button and enter your new or existing PayPal email ID in the Account Name. This has to be unique for each store. Click “Save changes”.

Grant permissions.

You’ll then need to grant permissions for Tyl to submit PayPal transactions on your behalf. You can select these at your discretion. Here’s a rundown of what each permission allows you to do with PayPal through Tyl.

  • “Express Checkout” – Allows purchase only
  • “Payment authorisation and capture” – Authorise and capture your PayPal transactions.
  • “Refunds” – Issue refunds.
  • “Reference Transactions” – Charge existing customers based on a prior transaction.
  • “Billing agreements” – Enables you to take the following PayPal actions through Tyl:
    • Obtain authorisation to initiate pre-approved payments.
    • Create an agreement between you and your customers authorising you to initiate pre-approved payments.
    • Modify the pre-approved payment agreement.
    • Initiate pre-approved payments that have been previously authorised.
    • Obtain information on buyers with whom you have a pre-approved billing agreement.
  • “Mass pay” – allows you to initiate (through Tyl) multiple transactions, such as commissions, rebates, and rewards, to multiple recipients in one batch.

Log into PayPal and confirm.

Once permissions are granted, you’ll be redirected to the PayPal portal and asked to login and confirm the permissions. If the setup is successful, you’ll then be redirected back to the PayPal setup page on the Virtual Terminal.

Test that it’s set up to your liking.

After you’ve completed your activation, we recommend that you test the PayPal integration using your test Tyl store ID and PayPal account, ahead of using your live store ID.

Payments you receive via PayPal won’t appear in your Tyl Portal, they will only appear in your PayPal account.

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