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Issuing refunds for online payments

Issuing refunds for online payments

Our handy guide will walk you through the steps to refund a customer for payment taken through the virtual terminal or our hosted payments pages.

The Virtual Terminal is where you’ll issue refunds for transactions processed through the Virtual Terminal. You can also issue refunds for transactions processed through your website with our hosted payment pages or compatible shopping cart plug in.

There are two ways to refund customers through the Virtual Terminal. You can:

  1. Refund a specific transaction taken through the Virtual Terminal or your website. Note: you can refund the full amount of the transaction or a lower amount
  2. Credit a customer’s account for a specific amount. Note: you can refund any value as the refund is not associated with any transaction.

Refund a specific transaction

  1. Find the transaction you wish to refund
    If you know the order number, select ‘Return’ on the virtual terminal homepage. Enter the order number and the transaction page will open.

    If you don’t know he order number, head to ‘Reports’ > ‘Transactions’ > and filter as appropriate to locate the transaction you want to refund. Open the transaction page by selecting the order number.
  2. Confirm the amount to refund
    Refund the full amount or you can edit the value to be refunded to a lower amount.
  3. Complete the refund
    Press ‘Continue', review and ‘Submit’ the transaction. The transaction results page will say ‘Approved’ if the refund has successfully been processed.

Credit a customer’s account

  1. Click ‘Credit’
    This can be found on the right hand side of the virtual terminal homepage.
  2. Enter the amount to refund
  3. Enter the card details
    Enter the details of the card you will be crediting the refund to (never write card details down or ask a customer to email them to you).
  4. Click ‘Continue’
    Review the details, when you’re happy click ‘Submit’
When there is no corresponding sale or the original card is no longer in circulation, best practice is to ask for any additional information which can verify you’re dealing with the original cardholder.

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