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Billing and Settlement
Receiving your funds

Receiving your funds

Receiving my funds

You should get your daily settlement by the end of the business day, the day after the transactions took place.

Occasionally there'll be delays, for example if a customer has raised a dispute or asked for a refund. There may also be occasions where we need to review a transaction before we can pay it into your account, we’ll aim to do this as quickly as possible but we may need to speak to you to verify some of the transaction details.

If your settlement hasn't landed in your account give us a call on the number below and choose option 3, then option 2. We'll help you get it sorted as soon as possible.

Viewing my settlements

You can view your settlements in your Tyl portal.

On the Overview tab you’ll see today’s settlement - This is the amount we’ll pay into your bank account depending on your settlement method (net or gross). It’s the total value of all your customer transactions from the previous day, including cashback and tips, but we’ve deducted refunds, reversals and chargebacks.

By visiting the ‘Payments’ > ‘Settlements’ tab you’ll be able to see all past settlements to your bank account from Tyl, you can filter these accordingly by:

  • Date: day, week, month, custom period
  • Amount
  • Status: Paid, In Progress, Payment rejected, Debit in progress
‘Settlement’ refers to the clearing of funds from authorised transactions into your bank account.

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