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Benefits of Clover Flex
Product information

Benefits of Clover Flex

23 March 2021

3 min read

The Clover Flex terminal is a great all-rounder that can do a little bit of everything. In this support guide we’ll explore how to use your Clover Flex and make the most of this all-singing, all-dancing POS system. Find out:

  • How to set up your Clover Flex
  • How to use your Clover Flex terminal
  • Additional Clover Flex support.

How to set up your Clover Flex terminal

Getting started on your Clover Flex is simple, you could do it with your eyes closed (not recommended). Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Dig into your box and look for the Clover Quick Start Guide. This will help you with the basics of setting up your card machine.
  2. Activate your card machine using the setup codes we’ll have emailed to you.
  3. Use the Wireless Manager app to connect to WiFi and configure your SIM card settings. If you are not using the SIM card, do ensure this is deactivated and only used when necessary. There are additional charges with this service.
  4. Explore what your card machine has to offer. You can check out explainer videos at
  5. Start taking card payments!
  6. Log into the Tyl portal and add it as a bookmark so it’s close to hand. Once you’ve started trading, you can check out your trading data.

How to use your Clover Flex dashboard

Use your passcode whenever you access your Clover Flex terminal. On your homescreen, you’ll see different apps such as ‘sale’, ‘refund’ and ‘reporting’ so you can start taking payments straight away, and plenty more like creating your inventory.

There is also a separate Clover Web Dashboard, which you can access by heading to and clicking the ‘log in’ button to access your Tyl portal; from here, you can access the dashboard through the ‘services’ tab.

How to take a Clover Flex payment

Here is how to take a Clover Flex terminal payment in three simple steps.

  1. Click on the ‘sale’ app.
  2. Select whether the transaction is cash, contactless or Chip & PIN.
  3. Enter the amount, get the customer to confirm, then print your receipt once the transaction is made.

How to give refunds

Giving a refund is straightforward using the Clover Flex terminal.

  1. Click on the ‘refund app’.
  2. Enter the amount manually, or search using the ‘past payments’ button to find the amount.
  3. Press the ‘issue refund’ button and print the customer their refund receipt.

How to do ‘end-of-day reconciliation report’

Open your ‘reporting’ app on your Clover Flex, then click ‘payments’, which generates a report for the business day or whichever reporting dates you have chosen. The report collects information for payments made on the machine, and the ‘day’ can be set for whichever operating hours apply to your business. You can also reconcile your sales through your Tyl portal or the Clover web dashboard. Read more about how to do end-of-day reconciliation on your Clover Flex terminal, or watch this video which covers the reporting app.

How to collect customer feedback via Clover Flex

Your Clover Flex receipts are more than just paper – you can customise your receipts to collect feedback and promote your business. Simply access your Clover web dashboard, then click ‘setup’ followed by ‘payment receipts’. You’ll then be able to customise your receipts in a number of ways, such as adding your website, which can help customers to give feedback. You can also enhance the customer experience with small little touches, like adding the WiFi password on the receipt, as well as order notes, unique transaction reference numbers and the cashier’s name. Read more about how to personalise your receipts.

What makes Clover Flex unique

Benefits of Clover Flex

The Clover Flex terminal is a versatile card machine that gives you the best of both worlds. Big enough to accommodate extra features, but compact enough for you to take payments on the move: if Goldilocks picked a card machine, this would be the one. The Clover Flex is simple yet sophisticated, with its easy-to-use interface matched by cool features like customisable receipts and the ability to display barcode information in a flash. The Clover Flex can also take Amex payments if you’re looking to attract those loyal customers who want to rack up the points.

Watch our video on how to make the most of your Clover Flex terminal, or read our handy unboxing guide (PDF)read our handy unboxing guide (PDF) if you need help getting started.

And for more information on how Tyl by NatWest can make your life easier as a business owner, read our guides.

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