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Wardrobe Sixty Five
Tyl in Action

Tyl in Action with Wardrobe Sixty Five

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Established by Angela Coonihan in 2020, Wardrobe Sixty Five is an independent, family-run business that operates a physical store in Sale and also sells and promotes its merchandise on Facebook. Founded during the pandemic, its store has become extremely popular with local shoppers. It exclusively offers one-size clothing in a bid to reduce the pressure that many people feel when they’re forced to choose clothing based on traditional sizing systems.

Benefits beyond receiving payments

Angela needed a payment system to support her business through a mid-pandemic launch, and she initially chose another provider. But she quickly switched to Tyl when she realised the potential savings that she could make in doing so. Since then, Angela has found the Tyl system has played an important role her business’s success that goes far beyond just receiving payments. In particular, it helps her manage its cash flow and monitor its performance through critical periods.

What’s more, Angela has received feedback from her customers that the Tyl card machine fits naturally with the design and style of her store – an important consideration for a fashion business – and that it’s quick and easy to use. Her customers appreciate Tyl’s ability to process refunds quickly at a time when the amount of goods that are returned has never been higher. Tyl’s text confirmation system also provides them with additional peace of mind about the security of their payments.

Now that the worst of the pandemic seems to be over, Angela is using Tyl’s insights system to help her predict periods of peak business, enabling her to make informed decisions about stock and staffing levels. This is helping Wardrobe Sixty Five to carry on providing the impressive level of customer service that has won the business a place in the hearts of the local community.

“The ability to take digital payments has been crucial in securing revenue and managing cash flow since we launched – we couldn’t survive on cash alone. The Tyl system is vital to our business and we’re looking forward to a bright future”.

Angela Coonihan, Founder and Owner, Wardrobe Sixty Five

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