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Outdoor Seating Ideas for Restaurants

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Restaurants with outdoor seating have long been a fixture in countries with warmer climates, but even in the UK – and especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic – al fresco dining is beginning to take off. While COVID restaurant rules are often subject to change, in this guide we highlight some general ideas for how dining establishments like pubs, restaurants and bars can introduce outdoor seating.

Why create an outdoor seating area?

Got an unloved garden, yard or side alley that could be transformed into a gastro paradise? Here are some of the reasons why restaurants with outdoor seating can often thrive.

  • Attract more customers. By creating extra space outdoors, you can increase your footfall thanks to the larger capacity. But also, a pleasant outdoor environment simply gives people an extra incentive to drink or dine at your premises. Cocktails and sunshine – what’s not to like?
  • Reach a new target market. Outdoor spaces may also help you target a different profile of customer, such as families who want extra space in case the children struggle to remain seated for the duration of a meal.
  • Retain customers for longer. According to research by HGEM (formerly the Mystery Dining Company) 79% of restaurant diners would increase their ‘dwell time’ at an establishment that offered al fresco dining. More time spent at your restaurant or pub might translate to extra spending at the bar, or a round of cheeky after-dinner espressos.
  • Host outdoor events. By making an outdoor space usable, you can create new revenue opportunities – from food festivals and open mic sessions to pizza parties with a fancy new oven.
  • Pandemic-proof your business. No one knows what the future will bring, but if the experience of hospitality businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic is anything to go by, restaurants with outdoor seating can often remain open and comply with COVID rules by serving customers outside.

Outdoor seating ideas

Eating food outside is one of life’s great pleasures, and with a few creative ideas, you can enhance your outdoor seating area to create a space that customers love. Here are a few themes and ideas to jazz-up a restaurant with outdoor seating.

Winter warmers

Outdoor heaters are one way to heat a restaurant area such as a terrace, garden or patio. Depending on your layout and space considerations, you could introduce freestanding outdoor heaters, stationary tabletop ones, or heaters that are mounted to outdoor walls or ceilings. Alternatively, another option is to introduce a firepit, which can create a warm and fuzzy glow in outdoor areas like decking, pergolas and restaurant tabletops. Perhaps a more affordable way to enhance your outdoor winter seating is to invest in a few blankets and cushions to make your dining areas a little cosier.

Weatherproofed areas

We can’t always rely on the famous British weather to keep us dry, but temporary solutions such as umbrellas and gazebos, or permanent structures such as patio roofs, could protect your customers from drizzle or a downpour. And when the sun does make an appearance, terrace awnings, parasols and shade sails could reduce the unwanted glare.

Suitable furniture

Tables and chairs are perhaps the most obvious element of a restaurant’s outdoor seating, but it may be easier than you think to get these decisions wrong. If you plan on storing the furniture indoors overnight, you may want to consider lightweight, easily stackable chairs, and foldable tables, that will fit within your storage space. You may also want to consider how weather-resistant the furniture is, and whether the design matches your restaurant’s overall brand.

Family-friendly features

If you wish to make your restaurant, pub or bar a family-friendly establishment, there are lots of ways your outdoor area can be enjoyed by parents and their children. Venues with a large amount of outdoor space could consider play areas – with tunnels, slides and swings galore – but smaller venues could simply offer a selection of toys, crayons and crafts that children can enjoy at the table. You could also consider whether to introduce a designated smokers’ area located a suitable distance from children.

Atmospheric extras

It’s the little touches that can often make the difference to the look and feel of a restaurant’s outdoor seating area. Greenery, such as potted plants, vines and miniature trees, can create a relaxing mood for your customers to enjoy. And the careful use of lighting – from fairy lights to lanterns – can create a charming ambience at night-time.

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