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How to find funding with the NatWest Swoop Grant Finder
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How to find funding with the NatWest Swoop Grant Finder

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Getting a small business off the ground takes hard work, bright ideas and let’s face it – cash. But all too often, trying to figure out how to find grants for a business can send even the most intrepid entrepreneur on a wild goose chase. In this piece, we’d like to introduce you to the NatWest Swoop Grant Finder, which was developed specifically to help you identify and get matched to grant funding based on your business needs.

Introducing the NatWest Swoop Grant Finder

Finding grants for a small business is no easy task, but luckily, there are tools that could help like the NatWest Swoop Grant Finder tool, which matches you to funding opportunities that are right for your business. Plus, it’s free to use and there is no sign-up required. Some of the incredible benefits include:

• No lengthy searches – the NatWest Swoop Grant Finder finds you the most relevant grant funding based on your requirements.
• Connections – you can be introduced to equity investors and crowdfunding opportunities.
• Apply for grants – you can keep track of potential grants, and submit your application through a simple tool.

What is a business grant?

A business grant is a lump sum of cash awarded to a business, and is often funded by the government, regional authorities or other businesses. The purpose of a grant is to help a business reach its potential. Unlike other types of investment such as business loans or venture capital, with a grant there is usually no obligation to repay (or reward in the case of crowdfunding) those providing the money.

Why apply for a business grant?

If you successfully receive a business grant, one obvious benefit is that you’ll receive a welcome injection of funds to get your venture off the ground. In some cases you’ll have access to a one-off payment, and for other grants there might be structured funding milestones depending on the results you deliver. For example, innovation grants are usually given in stages as the business meets specific targets that they outlined in their proposal.

Not only that – in some cases you may be invited to an awards ceremony where you can network with industry leaders and build your contact book. Finally, if you’re awarded a grant, you can grow your business’s reputation and promote yourself as an award-winning entrepreneur on your social channels and wider marketing materials.

Types of business grant

Where can you find government grants for new businesses? Whether you’re looking to boost your cash flow or pandemic-proof your business, here are some examples of small business grants funded by the government and other sources.

How to use the NatWest Swoop Grant Finder

You can find business grants using the NatWest Swoop Grant Finder in less than a minute. Simply complete the grant requirements form by sharing information about your business, such as your sector, company structure and how much funding you require. The NatWest Swoop Grant Finder will then match you to the most suitable grants based on your business profile and business needs. There is no sign up requirement and you can see the results immediately.

Find out more about how the NatWest Swoop Grant Finder works, or get started for free.

Naturally, other grant finders are available. For example, GOV.UK’s online grant finder can help you work out how to find government grants for your small business.


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