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Steer your billing and funding your way

Want your Tyl fees to be paid from one bank account and your transaction settlements/payments to go to another? We’ve got you covered.

Choose how to settle payments

Our standard billing

Our regular way of billing and funding is to use your main business bank account for fees and settlements. Everything goes through the one account.
Want to keep it simple?

Billing and settlements to fit you

Businesses with multiple stores or outlets, or those who like to keep money-in and money-out in separate accounts can control exactly how their money moves.
Want more control?

Standard billing

One account for all Tyl

This is our ‘out of the box’ structure that many businesses already use. It’s ‘one bank account to rule them all’, with billing and settlements going through a single account.

  • Simple to understand and manage.

  • Ideal for small businesses with a simple structure.

  • Everything in one place.

One account for all Tyl

Billing and settlements to fit you

Separate funding and billing accounts

This option could be ideal if you want to pay your Tyl bills from one account, but receive your settlements to another, to better manage your accounts.

  • Closely control your accounting.

  • Keep your incoming and outgoing payments separate.

Separate funding and billing accounts

One account for billing, multiple for settlements

Send the bills to ‘head office’ while the funds go to your ‘stores’ with this adaptable option for businesses with multiple outlets.

  • Keep payments controlled with a single billing account.

  • Manage cashflow to your individual ‘stores’ with transaction cash arriving in each separate ‘store’ account.

  • So, on Monday, if shop A takes £1,000 through Tyl and shop B takes £2,000; on Tuesday £1k will drop into shop A’s account, and £2k into shop B’s. The fees will be sent to the head office account.

One account for billing, multiple for settlements

Billing and settlements to individual ‘stores’

Remove ‘head office’ from the equation, and let each of your outlets handle their own fees and settlements.

  • Keep your accounts localised to each outlet.

  • Each ‘store’ receives its own settlement cash and pays its own fees.

  • This is flexible. You can either use the same account for billing and settlements for an outlet, or use one account for billing and another for settlements. You can customise this for each outlet.

Billing and settlements to individual ‘stores’

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