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Tyl in Action

Helping Floral Glory flourish in the post-pandemic world

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In February 2019, Michelle opened Floral Glory – a floristry and event styling business – in her home town of Walsall. With the onset of the pandemic she was forced to pivot her offering to a bouquet delivery service, but after lockdown restrictions eased she was able to open Floral Glory’s first store.

When opening the shop, finding the best way to take payments was one of Michelle’s top priorities. She needed a payments system that was adaptable, easy to use and offered an in-built loyalty scheme that would enable her to thank her clients for their repeated custom. And with around 80% of her customers opting to pay by card, it was vital that transactions could be processed quickly and efficiently to minimise queuing time and maximise revenue.

Michelle considered several payment systems, but she quickly realised that they were just too complicated and involved significant processing fees. Already a NatWest customer, she opted for Tyl and hasn’t looked back since.

A perfect fit for Michelle’s business

Tyl’s next-working-day settlement terms were important in ensuring Floral Glory’s survival and success as it set about establishing itself in the local community in the aftermath of the pandemic. What’s more, as the business expanded as live events made a return, Tyl’s reliability and efficiency enabled Floral Glory to effortlessly keep up with increased customer demand.

The rewards system Michelle has put in place has proven particularly popular with her customers, who are incentivised to return to the store again and again. Meanwhile, with aesthetics so important to her business, her Tyl device’s sleek design fits in perfectly with what Floral Glory is all about.

Some great benefits

  • Tyl by NatWest provides you with a quick and easy approach to payment processing, and the service goes way beyond card payments.
  • Tyl offers simple pricing and straightforward contracts and aims to get businesses’ payment systems up and running in just 24 hours. Tyl also offers a 24-hour settlement period, so you can take comfort in the knowledge you’ll receive your money fast.
  • Meanwhile, the Tyl portal offers a number of useful features including real-time data analysis, making keeping track of what’s going on in your business easier than ever.

Apply today

If you want your business to benefit from Tyl in the same way as Michelle’s, you can apply online here.

“In this business it’s important to let customers know that they’re appreciated. That meant providing them with a great loyalty and reward scheme that didn’t involve extra costs for the business was crucial. I looked at other machines, but they were just too complicated. Tyl makes everything simple.”
Michelle Johnson, Floral Glory

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