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Does Tyl accept Apple Pay?

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The way in which we pay for goods and services is changing faster than a rocket-powered Formula 1 car, and Apple Pay is one contactless payment innovation you might want to learn more about. So, what’s Apple Pay and why can’t we just pay for everything in gold bars like in Ancient Rome? Find out here.

What is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service, or digital wallet, that lets customers make contactless or online payments using devices such as the iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. Apple Pay was first announced in 2014, then rolled out in the UK a year later. Since then, Apple Pay usage has soared; in fact, Statista reports that the number of users grew by 65 million in 2020, when many consumers opted to make contactless payments amid the global pandemic.

Is Apple Pay compatible with Tyl?

It sure does. Tyl’s card machines accept payments from digital wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay, alongside contactless and Chip and PIN, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover® Global Network.

When using Tyl’s online payment gateway, you can accept both Apple Pay and Google Pay, as well as Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover® Global Network card payments.

How does Apple Pay work?

Apply Pay-enabled devices work in much the same way as any contactless payments, thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. If you’re the customer, you hold your device close to the POS terminal reader, and once a transaction has been processed, you should feel a vibration and a ‘done’ alert and checkmark on your display screen.

How Apple Pay works on different devices

On a card machine: Apple Pay works differently depending on which device you use. For example, if you have Face ID on your iPhone, you can glance at the iPhone screen (or enter your passcode) before holding the device to the card reader. If you’d rather use Touch ID on your iPhone, you can rest your finger on ‘Touch ID’ to authenticate. For Apple Watch payments, you double-click the side button to select your payment card, then hold the device to the reader.

On a desktop browser: Tyl transactions using Apple Pay can be processed on Safari only and payments are authenticated using the Touch ID function on a Mac or using biometrics on a Bluetooth connected iPhone or Apple Watch.

For more information on how Apple Pay works, check out Apple’s online guidance on how to use Apple Pay.

What are the benefits of accepting Apple Pay?

Being able to accept Apple Pay transactions could bring various benefits to your business. For example:

  • Added security – your customers can make authenticated payments with a simple glance or touch. Plus, your customers’ card number and identity won’t be shared with you, and they may value this extra privacy.
  • Reduced checkout times in-store and online, as payments can be swift.
  • Simplicity of shopping on a mobile device, which could boost customer satisfaction.
  • Greater convenience for customers, with no card details needed to hand (the details are saved in the wallet).

Is there a payment limit for Apple Pay?

In theory, there is no payment limit for Apple Pay transactions. However, some retailers in the UK may not allow you to use Apple Pay for purchases above the UK contactless transaction limit, which from October 15th 2021, rose to £100.

There are different payment limits on Apple Pay internationally – read Apple’s summary of Apply Pay transaction limits across the world.

Is Apple Pay safe?

No one can guarantee complete protection against fraud, but there are reasons to believe that Apple Pay is as safe as other forms of contactless payments. Cardholder information is encrypted on Apple devices such as iPhones, while fingerprint and facial recognition technology (Touch ID and Face ID) provide additional protection. Card details are ‘tokenised’ by replacing details with a randomly generated code or ‘token’ – they have no value to criminals and can’t be swiped or skimmed. Also, you can change your security settings or stop payments by logging into Apple’s iCloud.

As a business, you can further protect you and your customers by using secure PCI DSS compliant payment systems and adhering to GDPR principles.

How to accept Apple Pay with Tyl

If you want your customers to be able to make Apple Pay transactions, the good news is that Tyl’s card readers and online payment gateway are equipped to make that possible.

Here are some of our card readers that accept digital wallet payments:

Fees and eligibility criteria apply.


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