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Taking payments on PAX A50

Find out how simple it is to take payments using Tyl’s PAX A50 device.

  1. On your PAX device, open the “Nexo” app
  2. Select the ‘sale’ shortcut from the app home screen
  3. Select ‘payment’
  4. Enter the amount and press ‘confirm’
  5. Insert or present card
    1. Insert card into chip card reader on the bottom edge of the device, enter the pin and press ‘confirm’
    2. present the payment card to the contactless reader located at the top on the back of the terminal.
  6. Enter the customer’s email address and press confirm if they wish to receive an email receipt. You skip this step by pressing the back arrow on the top left of the device screen.
  7. You’ll see a confirmation page once the email receipt has been sent, press ‘done’
  8. Once the transaction has processed you’ll see ‘success’ on the screen

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